Customized EMail Accounts
POP3, IMAP and Web access to EMail accounts with your own domain name -- includes hosting of website .

$50 per month will allow for small-business hosting of a website using your own domain and includes three EMail addresses each of which will have 30 Mega-Bytes of space for temporary storage of your EMails between downloads. Once you download your EMails, the 30MB of storage is reset. You may have as many EMails as you wish. Each extra EMail address will cost $5 per month.

  • EMail Accounts such as
  • Full Anti-SPAM software on the server side
  • Up to date Anti-Virus protection on the server side
  • Secure Web-Based access to your EMail from anywhere in the world. This is great for when you travel and would like to have access to your EMail remotely.
  • Full web-based control of EMail accounts and aliases. The administrator in your company may add/remove/modify EMail addresses and forward aliases 24 hours a day using a simple web-based administration software. EMail account owners in your company may modify their own information such as password, identity, etc.
  • Set up your account with a vacation message through a web-based interface. When you are away, it will save received EMails and notify the sender with your customized message about your being away.
  • EMail alias capability to forward EMails to other EMail accounts.
  • Mailing lists