Equipment Sales
Internet Server Connections is a fully qualified Reseller of Cisco,
other Networking Products and Fully Comfigured Linux Servers/Workstations.

Internet Server Connections, Inc. will evaluate your needs and provide you with an array of solutions to assist you in selecting the appropriate equipment for your requirements. We even build our own cost-effective routers out of ordinary PCs, the Linux operating system and HSSI (DS3-T3) or DS1(T1) cards, saving you thousands of dollars. As a fully qualified reseller for equipment by Cisco and many other manufacturers, we are able to provide you with the best in solutions and alternatives. Please see our three subsidiaries,, and for the best selection of routers, hubs, switches, cables, connecters and other related equipment.

Internet Server Connections, Inc. also configures and sells 1U/2U Linux Servers and Workstations. These U160 SCSI or IDE Intel/AMD-Based Servers and Workstations, pre-installed and fully configured with Red-Hat Linux to work as Web, secure-web(SSL), Mail, Firewall, FTP, SSH, database server and WAN (T1/T3) Routers. Servers/Workstations are full-fledged computers, not appliances. They come with remote administration tools and include on-board video, floppy and CD-ROM. The router configurations include DS1(T1)/DS3(T3) interface cards and are fully custom-configured to your specifications. Simply type in your IP address and connect to your network. Our Real Servers are sold at prices below the much less capable Network/Internet Appliances.

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