Linux Servers/Workstations
Internet Server Connections, Inc. pre-configures and sells 1U/2U U160 SCSI or IDE Intel/AMD servers with RedHat Linux installed and fully configured to your specifications and requirements

Internet Server Connections, Inc. also configures and sells 1U/2U Linux Servers and Workstations. These U160 SCSI or IDE Intel/AMD-Based Servers and Workstations, pre-installed and fully configured with Red-Hat Linux to work as Web, secure-web(SSL), Mail, Firewall, FTP, SSH, database server and WAN (T1/T3) Routers. Servers/Workstations are full-fledged computers, not appliances. They come with remote administration tools and include on-board video, floppy and CD-ROM. The router configurations include DS1(T1)/DS3(T3) interface cards and are fully custom-configured to your specifications. Simply type in your IP address and connect to your network. Our Real Servers are sold at prices below the much less capable Network/Internet Appliances.