Why Accept Credit Cards?


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The benefits of accepting credit cards far outweigh the minor costs involved. In today's world, your business needs to accept credit cards in order to survive.   Everyday you do business without electronic payment processing is a day you are missing potential sales and customers. 

Electronic processing via credit cards is the payment choice of the present and the future. Make your business even better today and prepare for TOMORROW.

Capture Web Buyers: Over 90% of web purchases are made using credit cards.

More Sales: Studies show that credit card customers buy 2.5 times more merchandise.

Increase Sales Volume: Sales have been shown to increase 40%, just by adding credit card acceptance.

Larger Volume: By accepting credit cards, you will achieve higher unit sales and extra orders.

Sell More Expensive Merchandise: Payment plans make larger purchases easier.

Increase Impulse Buying: Credit cards give customers the freedom to make unplanned purchases.

Steadier Sales: Credit card customers buy products when they need or desire them.

Enhance Your Business Image: Accepting credit cards often legitimizes your business to your customers.

Beat the Competition: Differentiates your business from those merchants who do not accept credit cards. Gives you an edge over the competition.

Huge Buying Audience: There are 243 million MasterCard and Visa cards in the United States, ready and willing to buy your product or service.

Higher Spending: Total MasterCard and Visa cards in the United States spending $215 billion

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